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Mighty Fine Lunch


Lunch Menu Monday thru Friday 11:00am to 4:00pm
$8.99 Each

Chicken Tender Salad

Our original crispy chicken tenders fried just right and served on a cold and crisp salad, perfect size for lunch

Chicken Fajita Salad

Sized right for lunch with our marinated and grilled chicken breast on a bed of crisp lettuce topped with cheddar-jack cheese, fresh tomatoes and crunchy nacho strips, with salsa and sour cream on the side

Soup and Salad Combo

A steaming bowl of one of delicious homemade soups or chili with a cold and crisp Lonestar dinner salad


Lunch Menu Monday thru Friday 11:00am to 4:00pm
$8.99 Each
All Sandwiches come with a choice of "Brew City Fries" or beer battered onion rings
Sub a side of Alfredo linguine or stuffed potato for just 1.99 more

Turkey Club

An old favorite! Thinly sliced turkey and crisp bacon with lettuce, tomato and mayo on toast

Mini Burgers

4 tasty Certified Angus Beef burgers on soft rolls topped with American cheese, served with Brew City Fries or onion rings and pickle chips

Chicken Parmesan

Deep fried breast of chicken topped with provolone cheese and homemade meat sauce on a bed of linguine served with Texas toast

Side Kicks

Lunch Menu Monday thru Friday 11:00am to 4:00pm

Your Choice - 2.49

Real "Pork n' Beans"
Apple Sauce
Cottage Cheese
Texas Mixed Veggies

Your Choice - 2.99

Baked Potato
Sweet Potato
Loaded Baked Potato (add $1.00)

Your Choice - $4.99

Linguine and Meat Sauce

Our Menu

Just To Whet Your Appetite

$8.49Texas Blossom

Texas size onion, cut to bloom, hand battered and serve with ranch dressing

$8.99Brew City Cheese Fries

Our famous batter-dipped fries smothered in cheddar cheese sauce and topped with Monterey Jack, cheddar cheese and bacon
Add Chili for $1.50

$8.49Red Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers

Red Jalapeño stuffed with cream cheese and served with sweet chili sauce

$8.49Chicken Tenders

Chicken tenders lightly breaded with your choice of dippin' sauce

$8.99Texas Sized Tater Skins

Four enormous skins topped with Monterey Jack, cheddar cheese, bacon, cheese sauce and served with a side of sour cream

$8.99South of the Border Chips

Your favorite tortilla chips with chili, shredded cheese, diced tomato and jalapenos. Served with sour cream and salsa

$8.99Laredo Style Grilled Quesadilla

Grilled steak or chicken, tossed with cheddar and Monterey cheeses, diced tomato and then grilled between two fresh. Served with sour cream and salsa.

$8.99Chicken Tenders

Three delicious chicken lightly breaded and deep fried. Served with dippin' sauce

$8.99Cactus Sticks

Ok, they're cheese sticks, breaded and stuffed with mozzarella cheese served with dippin' sauce or BBQ sauce

$11.99West Texas Wings

You can choose: Hot, BBQ, Garlic or our creamy Double-D sauce. If you choose the hot ones, we're not responsible for the fire on your lips. Combos allowed

$13.99Chuckwagon Sampler

West Texas wings (plain, hot, BBQ), ribs (plain or BBQ), our famous potato skins served with dippin' sauce. Enough for the whole posse!

$11.99West Texas Rib Basket

Bout a pound of tender ribs in our famous BBQ sauce

Texas Salads

Dressings: Ranch - Creamy French - Caesar - Thousand Island - Golden Italian - Fat Free Raspberry Vinaigrette - Bleu Cheese (Add .50)
House Dressings: Sweet N'Sour & Honey Mustard

$4.49Lone Star Dinner Salad

Fresh tossed garden salad topped with more than enough fixin's. Served with fresh baked rolls or Texas toast

Rio Grande Fajita Salad

Steak grilled just right, served on a bed of fresh lettuce and topped with shredded cheddar cheese and diced tomato. Served in a fried tortilla shell with a side of salsa and sour cream
With chicken- $12.99 | With Steak $14.99

Roadhouse Salad

A bed of lettuce topped with marinated steak or chicken breast, Monterey Jack cheese and cheddar cheese, served with Brew City fries and your choice of dressing
With Chicken $12.99 | With Steak $14.99

$12.49Chicken Caesar Salad

Tender grilled chicken breast served over crisp romaine lettuce and topped with grated cheese and croutons

$11.99Taco Salad

Fresh lettuce topped with taco meat, diced tomato, Monterey Jack cheese, cheddar cheese and surrounded by fresh tortilla chips. Served with sour cream and salsa

Soup Wagon

All Soups are homemade with the freshest ingredients


Served with chopped onion and shredded cheese
Cup $3.49 | Bowl $4.49

Black Bean Soup

Cup $3.49 | Bowl $4.49


All Sandwiches served with lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions with West Texas fries.

$12.99Filet on Toast

Fork tender filet medallions topped with grilled onion and pepper, melted Swiss American cheese. The Boss' favorite

$9.99Wild Bill Fish Sandwich

His favorite because we bread it fresh daily

$11.99West Texas Filly

Thin sliced prime rib stacked to the wagon wheels with grilled pepper, onion and Swiss-American cheese on a fresh bun. Served with a side of au jus for dippin'

$11.99Red River Steak Special

Grilled, slow cooked prime rib topped with mushrooms and Swiss American cheese on Texas toast. Served with au jus for dippin'

$9.99BBQ Pulled Pork

Slow cooked pork shredded and tossed with our famous BBQ sauce. Served on a fresh bun with a side of fries and coleslaw

$8.99Southwestern Turkey Burger

Grilled extra lean ground white turkey breast sure to please even the pickiest Texan

$9.99Monterey Chicken

Grilled chicken with onion and pepper, BBQ sauce, topped with Swiss-American cheese

$10.99Texas Reuben Sandwich

Corned beef stacked high on grilled rye bread with thousand island, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese

$8.99Lonesome Hen

Charbroiled breast the way you like it

$9.99Big Bubba's Chicken

Topped with bacon, BBQ sauce, sauteed mushroom and Swiss-American cheese

$9.99Bacon Cheese Chicken

Topped with crisp bacon, cheddar and Swiss-American cheese

$9.99Lonesome Burger

Half pound burger, no toppin's but still delicious

$10.49Cheese Burger

Half pound burger topped with extra American cheese

$11.49Audey Murphy Burger

Yes, he was from Texas. Movie stars loved burgers too! Half pound burger, fresh bacon topped with Swiss-American cheese

$11.49West Texas Burger

Smothered in sauteed mushrooms topped with Swiss-American cheese

$8.99Meatball Sub

Homemade meatballs in sauce topped with cheese on a roll

$10.99Brisket Sandwich

Hand sliced beef brisket served on a bun with your choice of BBQ or horseradish.

Charcoal Steaks

We serve only aged USDA choice, grain fed beef
All Dinners come with choice of Texas toast or fresh yeast roll, garden salad and potato.

$18.99Sundance's Choice Sirloin

Center cut sirloin charbroiled to perfection

$22.99Austin Sirloin

16 oz Texas sized center cut sirloin

$14.49Abilene Chopped Steak

12 oz Fresh Chopped Steak served with onion, pepper and mushroom

$25.49The Cattleman's Favorite*

16 oz ribeye steak the way it was meant to be

$22.99Chimichurri Steak

16 oz sirloin marinated in our own special way

$28.99Sam Houston Filet

A 10 oz filet, the largest in town

$23.99Petite Filet

Sam's little brother, a 6 oz filet

$24.49The Texas Strip Steak

We're not braggin. But it's too big to come from New York. A center cut 14 oz New York strip

$27.99The Texan Porterhouse Steak

It weighs 20 Ounces

Grilled Prime Rib

Annie Oakley- 10 ounce
Jesse James - 16 ounce

$21.49Jesse James

16 oz for the hearty appetite

Other Fine Grub

$18.991/2 Rack Texas Style Baby Back Ribs

Hot, tender and juicy. Get them BBQ, plain or Cajun

$23.99Full Rack Texas Style Baby Back Ribs

Twice as much taste and fun. Get them BBQ, plain or Cajun

$16.99Pork Chops

A pound of pork chops grilled to perfection

$27.99Rack of Lamb

New Zealand rack of lamb seasoned and grilled to perfection. Please don't tell the Cowboys it's not from Texas!

$17.49South of the Border Chicken

Two marinated chicken breasts topped with BBQ sauce, diced tomato, crumbled bacon and Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese

$15.99Grilled Chicken Breasts

Two large boneless chicken breasts grilled to perfection Cajun, lemon pepper or BBQ sauce

$11.99Butch's Half-A-Bird

Due to chicken rustlers, check for availability

$17.49Chicken Alfredo

Tender grilled chicken served over linguine noodles with our own Alfredo sauce and broccoli. Served with a salad

$10.99Meatballs with Linguine

Texas style meatballs (2) served over linguine with sauce, salad and bread

$14.99Doc Holiday 's Steak Potato

Loaded! Marinated sirloin, grilled with onions & peppers in a rich gravy. Served with your choice of regular side.

Texas Duos

$23.99Ribs & Chicken

Half rack of tender ribs with half roasted chicken

$26.49Steak & Shrimp

10 oz center cut sirloin with your choice of fried or grilled shrimp

$27.49Ribs & Steak

Same old favorite, 10 oz center cut sirloin steak and half rack of ribs

$26.99Steak & Chicken

More of your favorites! A 10 oz center cut sirloin steak with half roasted chicken

Fresh From The Nets

Texas Cod Dinner

Baked- Two pieces of tender flaky cod topped with West Texas bread crumbs - $16.49
Fried - Two pieces of tender flaky cod deep fried to perfection - $16.49

$17.49Fried Shrimp Dinner

A generous portion of lightly breaded shrimp deep fried to a golden brown served with cocktail sauce

$18.49Grilled Shrimp on a Stick

Two skewers of shrimp served with a light garlic dippin butter

$18.99Grilled Salmon

Fresh caught seasoned and grilled salmon filet. For extra flavor we recommend or tangy bourbon glaze


$2.39Tropicana Fruit Punch

$2.49Soft Drinks



Small $1.49 | Large $1.99



$3.99Eli's Original Cheesecake

Rich creamy cheesecake on a buttery graham cracker crust. Topped with cherries upon request

$4.99Decadent Carrot Cake

Our rich and moist carrot cake stands three layers tall full of carrots, raisins pineapple and walnuts. Hand-decorated with cream cheese icing

$4.99Down Home Donut

Warm cake donut topped with cinnamon ice cream and finished with a caramel drizzle and whipped cream

$4.99Buckeye Cheesecake

Creamy peanut butter cheesecake topped chocolate and buckeye candy

From the Keg

16oz - $3.00 and 34oz - $6.00
Ask for your favorite draft!

Miller Lite


Bud Light

Michelob Amber Bock


Blue Moon

Michelob Ultra

Coors Light

Long Neck Bottles

Domestic Bottles - $2.75


Bud Light

Bud Select

Coors Light

Rolling Rock


Michelob Light

Michelob Ultra

Miller High Life

Miller Lite

Yuengling Lager

Yuengling Light

MGD 64

O'Douls (non-alcoholic)

Little Texans


Little Cowpokes 12 and under. Includes beverage and choice of fruit cup or ice cream
Free refills on fountain drinks
Substitute a baked potato for only $1
Fresh garden salad may be substituted for fries for $1

$4.99Basket Shrimp & Fries

$3.99Hot Dog & Fries

$4.99Burger & Fries

$6.99Steak & Fries

$5.99Chicken Tenders & Fries

$3.99Grilled Cheese & Fries

$4.49Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

$3.99Macaroni & Cheese

$5.99Grilled Chicken Breast & Broccoli